Isle of MTV Malta 2018 – FAQ Vendita biglietti


Why have you decided to introduce tickets for this year’s event? Previously, I haven’t needed a ticket to attend the main Isle of MTV event…
• We’ve partnered with international ticketing specialist, Ticketmaster/ Universe, to introduce a registration process for the first time via the official website.
• This will allow us to accurately monitor attendance and further improve our crowd management and safety of the event.

Will I have to pay for tickets?
• No. Tickets to the main Isle of MTV event on Wednesday 27th June will be free of charge to those who register successfully via

If I do not have access to a computer, mobile phone or valid email address, how can I register for tickets?
• A box office will be open from Thursday 7th June, until end-of-show on Wednesday 27th June, at Il Fosos Square. Isle of MTV representatives will be on hand to process ticket registrations and answer any questions you may have.

How many tickets are being made available?
• We have not set this number, but will follow the advice shared by our health & safety and security consultants on the maximum number of fans that the square can accommodate.

When are tickets being made available?
• Pre-registration opens from 10am CET on Tuesday 27 March and will close at 10am CET on Monday 9th April
• Ticket registration will officially launch at 10am on Thursday 12th April.

Can I still register for a ticket if I haven’t pre-registered?
• Yes.

If I can still obtain a ticket without pre-registering, why do I need to pre-register?
• Fans who pre-register will gain access to ticket registration 48 hours prior to the official launch. All fans who go on to register before the 48-hour window closes, will be contacted via email offering them the chance to enter a ballot, for the opportunity to win a pair of tickets to watch the show from the Golden Circle platform.

Will I be able to register for more than one ticket?
• Yes. Any individual who registers will be able to apply for up to 4 tickets.

What happens if the tickets run out? Will I still be able to attend the event without a ticket…
• Only fans with a legitimate ticket will be able to access the event, so if you haven’t registered successfully and received your ticket(s) you will not be able to gain access to the event.
• We are confident we will be able to meet demand for tickets, but if we reach the point where we decide not to issue any more tickets we won’t accept any more requests for registration.
• Once registration has closed, fans without a ticket are advised to not travel to the show, as they will not be able to gain entry without a valid ticket.

Does a ticket guarantee entry?
• No. Entry will be subject to capacity, which will be live monitored throughout the night. Access will be granted on a first come, first served basis.

Do you have to be over 18 in order to gain entry?
• No, however all ticketholders under the age of 14 will need to be accompanied by an adult who is over 18 years of age. All ticket holders over the age of 14 may be asked to show ID, so please be sure to carry this with you.

If I leave the square, will I be able to re-enter?
• No. Re-admission is not permitted.

What facilities will be made available during the show?
• Toilets and food & drink stations will be available and signposted around the square.

I have special access and/or viewing requirements. Who can I contact?
• If you require any special arrangements to be made in order to enjoy the show, please contact or call one of the following phone numbers +356 2291 5000 or +356 2291 5405.

How will I know that my tickets are genuine and that they have come from a trustworthy source?
• You will receive your tickets directly from Universe or in person from the official Isle of MTV box office.

Do tickets need to be printed or will fans be able to gain access with a digital version?
• Both printed and digital tickets will be accepted.

What happens if I lose my ticket(s)?
• You will receive an electronic version of each ticket booked.
• Anyone with enquiries relating to ticketing can contact – or visit the Isle of MTV box office.

What happens if I register and receive tickets but can no longer attend? Will I be able to pass on my tickets to my friends if they haven’t registered?
• If you are no longer able to attend, you will not be able to pass on tickets to family and/or friends. We ask that you email as early as possible and we will look into reissuing your ticket(s).

If I have to give you an email address when I register what use will you make of this? Will my details be passed on to anyone else?
• Anyone who registers for tickets via will be asked if they want to ‘opt-in’ to receive further information from MTV and the Malta Tourism Authority.
• We will not pass on their details to any third party.

IOMTV Music Week

Are all these events free of charge like the main Isle of MTV event? If not, what do I have to pay for?
• The main Isle of MTV show on Wednesday 27th June is free of charge to anyone who registers for a ticket in advance, but you will have to pay to attend the other Isle of MTV Malta Music Week events.
• Details on all Isle of MTV Music Week events, including prices, will be made available on