MTV”, “we“, “us” and “our” means Viacom International Media Networks UK Limited which is a company registered in England with company number 10344647. Our registered office is at 17-29 Hawley Crescent, London NW1 8TT. Our VAT number is GB466509032.
This ticket is issued to you (the ticketholder) for free on behalf of MTV. These terms and conditions govern the acquisition of tickets for the Isle of MTV main event taking place in Malta on 27 June 2018 (the “Event”). These terms and conditions apply to you and your guests. In the event of any inconsistency between these ticket terms and any other terms, these ticket terms and conditions will prevail:

1. When you obtain your tickets via MTV’s ticketing partner Universe, you will be asked if you consent to various options when submitting your name, date of birth, nationality and email address:

a. By checking the first box (‘By ticking this box I acknowledge that my details will be used for the purpose of Isle of MTV ticketing process.’), you consent to us using your information for the purposes of issuing e-tickets to you (as described below).
b. By checking the second opt-in box, you confirm that you are at least 14 years old and if you are under 18 years old you have the consent of your parent or legal guardian to provide your information.
c. By checking the third opt-in box (‘By ticking this box I hereby agree to hear more from MTV’), you consent to us using your information for the purposes of marketing, market research, analysis and related purposes and in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
d. By checking the fourth opt-in box (‘By ticking this box I hereby agree to MTV passing my details to the Malta Tourism Authority so that I can receive news and updates on future events’), you consent to us passing your information to the Malta Tourism Authority who will use it for the purposes of marketing, market research, analysis and related purposes and in accordance with the Malta Tourism Authority’s Privacy Policy. The Malta Tourism Authority will be the controller of your information once it has been passed by us to them, and you should contact them if you have any concerns or queries.

For the avoidance of doubt, if you are under the age of 14, you cannot provide consent and therefore any of the above tick boxes completed by a minor under 14 will be deemed invalid. Anyone aged between 14 and 17 requires the consent of their parent or legal guardian.
We will only keep your details for as long as is necessary to fulfil the purposes we collected it for, including for the purposes of satisfying any legal, accounting, or reporting requirements.

2. Up to and including 31 May 2018, You (the ticketholder) are permitted to acquire up to a maximum of four (4) free standard tickets: one (1) for yourself and three (3) for your guests. From 1 June 2018 onwards, You (the ticketholder) are permitted to acquire up to a maximum of two (2) free standard tickets: one (1) for yourself and one (1) for your guest. In each case, standard tickets will be in the form of e-tickets for you to print at home. The ticketholder’s name will be integrated into the ticket and the ticketholder’s ID will be checked on entry. If the person named on the tickets is not one of the people trying to enter the venue, neither the ticketholder nor the guest(s) will be allowed entry.

3. VIP tickets will be issued to VIP winners only (in accordance with the Pre-Registration and Ballot Terms and Conditions) and will be in the form of a paper ticket which will be sent to the VIP winners by post.

4. Only tickets issued by MTV’s official ticketing partner Universe (a subsidiary of Ticketmaster) are valid. Tickets obtained in any other way are invalid. Tickets are strictly non-transferable and must not be exchanged or given or sold to a third party.

5. This is a standing event. There are no seats available. If you require accessible seating requirements due to disability, please note that such arrangements are subject to the venue’s limitations and/or restrictions and the venue may not always be able to accommodate your needs. Please see further the Special Needs section in the Frequently Asked Questions on the Isle of MTV website.

6. The following items are strictly prohibited in the venue: professional audio/video recording equipment; rucksacks or bags bigger than A4/magazine size; flags on poles; glass of any kind (including perfume bottles); alcoholic drinks (other than those bought at the venue by anyone aged 17 or over); drugs or illegal substances of any kind; any form of weaponry (including pointed instruments, screw drivers, syringes, scissors, guns, etc); fireworks; laser pens; selfie sticks; drones; aerosols; klaxons / air horns; unlicensed, counterfeit or illegal merchandise; or anything else that MTV deem to be dangerous, unsafe or could restrict the view or ruin the enjoyment of other ticket holders. Any ticket holder found in possession of any of the foregoing items will have the item confiscated, without liability, and may be refused admission and/or ejected from the event at MTV’s discretion. Anyone found with a dangerous or illegal item (including but not limited to illegal drugs or weapons) will be reported to the police. You must not bring food into the venue unless authorised by MTV’s security for personal or medical reasons only.

6. All ticketholders under 14 years need to be accompanied by an adult over 18, who may be asked to show ID. Any unaccompanied ticketholders over the age of 14 may be asked to show ID. If ID is requested by MTV, only currently valid ID in the form of a passport, driving licence or other form deemed acceptable by MTV will be accepted.

7. MTV and venue management can refuse entry to, or remove any person from, the venue who is behaving in an inappropriate manner or appears to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. The right of admission is reserved.

8. If you cannot display a valid ticket, or valid ID if requested, you will not be admitted. There will be no re-admittance if you choose to leave.

9. The event may be filmed, photographed or sound-recorded by or on behalf of MTV. You consent to the filming, sound-recording and/or photography of yourself as a member of the audience and the subsequent commercial broadcast, publication or other distribution in all media worldwide forever without payment to you.

10. You agree to cooperate fully with MTV’s representatives and follow all instructions and rules relating to the event (including, if MTV deems it necessary, to move you to a different part of the venue’s audience).

11. To ensure our audience’s safety, MTV and/or the venue management may conduct security searches both before you enter the venue and at any time during the event, which may include searching in your bag and/or outer garments and/or anything else you may be carrying with you. The venue does not provide a cloakroom facility.

12. Event activities may not be confined to the main stage area and may occur anywhere within the venue.

13. Some areas of the audience may have a restricted view.

14. The use of cameras, videos or any other sort of audio, visual or audio-visual recording equipment (including the use of smartphones for audio or visual recording) is strictly forbidden during the event.

15. Neither MTV nor its sponsors or the venue shall be liable for any property lost, stolen or damaged in or around the venue.

16. Flags, emblems, clothing or other paraphernalia of a political or racist nature, or anything promoting hate speech of any kind, will not be permitted on site.

17. No sports jerseys, for example rugby or football shirts.

18. To the extent permitted by applicable law, neither MTV nor the venue accepts any liability for any other loss (whether direct or indirect) incurred by the ticketholder or their guest in connection with the event.

19. Strobe lighting, pyrotechnics, lasers and smoke effects may be used as part of the event.

20. The law prohibits and punishes the production, distribution and sale of forged tickets and unofficial merchandise.

21. Any change in relation to the event will be communicated through MTV’s social media channels and/or MTV’s ticketing partner Universe for the purposes of this event.

22. In the event of inclement weather, unless deemed unsafe by MTV to continue, the show will go on. If it rains ticketholders are allowed to wear waterproof clothing such as hoodies, anoraks and ponchos, but umbrellas, parasols, tents, gazebos, windbreaks or any other large items that could obstruct the view of other ticket holders are strictly prohibited and will be dealt with in the same manner as those prohibited items in term 6.